“Arbeiter NULL – Willkommen” by Sascha Hoops

Do you like stories that are set in a post-apocalyptic world? Do you like science fiction and robots, maybe Star Wars? If that’s the case, Sascha Hoops has created a world in his “Arbeiter NULL” series that you don’t want to miss out on. Let me describe this book in three words: cute, mysterious and brutal. You think that doesn’t add up?

Well, let’s take a look at the demolished world Sascha Hoops drops his three protagonists into. World War three has almost destroyed humanity and the war is still going on. Intelligent machines have decided to build a new state together with humans.

So, they just unfreeze some of the people who are kept in cryosleep whenever they need new workers. Once the new workers wake up, they know close to nothing about their past lives. That way, the robots avoid unnecessary drama.

In that same world, people are being punished by death if they disobey the strict rules of the nation but they are also provided with everything they need. In fact, there is even some luxury and lifestyle. Like the coke brand “robot coke” that comes in all kinds of tastes. It’s clear that life could be fun for the protagonists, at least some of them, definitely better than everywhere else.

If there weren’t those memories from the past popping up and so many questions that need answering. However, it’s clear that the robots are not happy about humans digging in their past.

So, there you have it. Cute robots, a mysterious and unknown world that can be very brutal if one takes a wrong turn.

My favorite character

I love the backstory of Takamasa and following his story in the trenches of the war between robots and other civilizations is exciting. The truth is that I cannot tell you very much about any of the protagonists because it would take away from the fun of getting to know the world of “Arbeiter NULL“. The narrative relies very much on the protagonists uncovering their former identities and how they were related to each other.

Does this sound familiar?

When you’re reading “Arbeiter Null – Willkommen“, you will stumble across some things that feel familiar. Lightsabers? Yes. Civil servants, who send protagonists up and down a building to obtain permit A-38? Asterix & Obelix. “Arbeiter NULL” contains many references to popular stories and I am sure that this is because the author loves them and wanted to include them. As a 90s-kid, who grew up on all of those books and movies, I welcome the nostalgia. Especially, because it’s more like a side note for those, who happen to know what those elements refer to.

The story continues

Arbeiter NULL – Willkommen” is only the first book of a series. More books are to come. I have already read the second part, my review will be up next Tuesday. So, I highly recommend that you read the second book as well because the story just continues without a break.

The last word: This book is probably the sweetest apocalyptical novel, I’ve read so far.

Arbeiter NULL – Sascha Hoops

Arbeiter NULL – Willkommen by Sascha Hoops

published: 2018

e-book and paperback

language: German

price: 12,99 Euro or free with kindle unlimited


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