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Do something you really care about
14. August 2019

Why you need to do something you REALLY care about

This post was written for you if you wonder whether you will ever have the life you really want. Especially, if you think that you..
23. November 2018

you are never too old or too young

Age doesn’t define you. Every age comes with expectations, but why lose yourself just to fulfill them? Own your age and chose what’s right for..
lifehacks to feel happier and more productive
18. November 2018

4 lifehacks for writers and busy people

Time management is hard, especially if you are working independently. But don’t despair, there are a few great lifehacks that can make your life easier..
bohema showing inspiring Instagrammers
11. November 2018

unique & inspiring Instagrammers to follow

Instagram is a visual medium. Obviously, aesthetics are essential for most Instagrammers. However, are you tired of following people who all post the same kind..
Produkte, die es auf dem Bohemian Soul Markt in Graz zu kaufen gibt.
5. November 2018

The Bohemian Soul Market – fall in love with bohemian Graz

Graz is a mysterious city. You can live there for years without ever discovering all of its secrets. There are hidden gems where you would..

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