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Arbeiter NULL – Sascha Hoops
12. November 2019

“Arbeiter NULL – Willkommen” by Sascha Hoops

Do you like stories that are set in a post-apocalyptic world? Do you like science fiction and robots, maybe Star Wars? If that’s the case,..
Stambul – Navid Linnemann
1. October 2019

“Stambul” by Navid Linnemann

Follow Navid Linnemann’s protagonists around Stambul in his collection of short stories that conjure up Europe at the turn of the century. One city –..
seelen fragmente von Louisa August
26. September 2019

seelen fragmente – Louisa August

Some texts are like music. Melodic, moving and gently touching our emotions, reminding us of long gone moments, too sweet to forget. Seelen fragmente, Louisa..
8. September 2019

“Zwischen den Spiegeln” by Qamar Mahmood

Actor meets journalist – or how the right questions can lead down a road to healing. Qamar Mahmood’s novella “Zwischen den Spiegeln” will take you..

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