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declutter beauty products bohema
16. December 2018

the simple way to declutter beauty products

Beauty stuff – those pretty things that look like the grown-up woman’s toys. I admit I love doing my make-up. It’s a ritual, and for..
1. December 2018

life update – it’s time to hibernate

Dear reader, I am grateful that you are here. You witnessed the first month of my journey writing this blog. I feel like sharing with..
23. November 2018

you are never too old or too young

Age doesn’t define you. Every age comes with expectations, but why lose yourself just to fulfill them? Own your age and chose what’s right for..
bohema showing inspiring Instagrammers
11. November 2018

unique & inspiring Instagrammers to follow

Instagram is a visual medium. Obviously, aesthetics are essential for most Instagrammers. However, are you tired of following people who all post the same kind..
31. October 2018

Tel Aviv travel guide for bohemians & adventurers

Tel Aviv – I have always thought that this name sounds promising. Get to know this amazing city in my Tel Aviv travel guide for..
23. October 2018

ashwagandha shake for exhaustion & adrenal fatigue

Most of us are dealing with exhaustion from time to time. But if you are constantly feeling drained, it’s time for a change. I came up..

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