You are cool enough

fuck being cool – a rant

Do you sometimes wish you were cooler, funnier, or more popular? I say, fuck it! You are already good enough.

Have you ever felt like, no matter what you do, you can never be cool enough?
Most of us will say yes. 

This is no coincidence.

There is a reason why you feel like no matter what you do or buy, you will never be as cool as that model, actress, or that Instagram star.

you are cool enough
I’ve had enough.

There is no such thing as “cool enough”

As long as you don’t feel “cool enough”, and cool is actually just a synonym for good, you will work towards being cooler, more popular. and just feeling worthy.

If you don’t feel enough you are more likely to buy things you don’t really need. We are all trying to buy a piece of the coolness of those fake „role models.“
As if a designer purse or a pretty dress could ever change who you are.
As if you needed some kind of upgrade.

Honestly, that makes me so angry. 

I haven’t felt cool enough for most of my life.

Slim enough.
Pretty enough.
Popular enough.
You can continue this list almost endlessly.

But that’s not because there is something wrong with me. I remember some situations where I had deep conversations with some of those  “cool” people I was looking up to. I thought they had it all. Guess what I found out … Many of them also didn’t feel enough.

That’s so sad. 
But it doesn’t surprise me at all.

We pay for expensive brands because we think that owning cool things will make us more popular and loved. Not feeling enough makes us spend more buy more and want more things. Those things seem to promise that having them could change us in a positive way. They offer prestige.

Guess how that works. It’s the gorgeous supermodel promoting the new pair of jeans. The ripped guy on the billboard promoting the new fragrance. Those advertisements share a subliminal message: you are not as cool as these kids. But you might be if you owned this product.

All of those images of perfection are there to intimidate us. To make us want to “improve ourselves” by buying what the cool people have. Suggesting that we need to change and to own certain things in order to be good enough. 

But the harsh truth is: You and me will never feel better long term by owning the newest and trendiest fashion pieces, phones or cars.

The only way to break this cycle is to understand that we are enough. We are already born being enough. Sure, we can work on ourselves in a positive way. Nourish our bodies, surround ourselves with wonderful people and beautiful things. But it’s not about fixing something because it’s not good enough. 

Understand that you are good enough already, and you don’t need anything in order to be more worthy of love. 

Remember, the people who look cool often feel just as insecure as many of us do. Some of the most beautiful and popular humans in the world are looking into the mirror and see nothing but flaws. 

Let’s be more gentle with each other and with ourselves. We are all uniquely beautiful and all of us have something important to bring to this world. 

Maybe, we don’t need the word “cool” anymore. What if we could just be real. Vulnerability is beautiful and it serves us better in connecting with each other than just being cool.

Rant over.


  1. Svetlana

    About the importance of being yourself. Love this article and totally agree, remembered our wonderful talks and evenings together.

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