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how to declutter your life until Christmas Eve

Are you busy buying presents for Christmas? That’s fine. Just keep in mind that RIGHT NOW is the best time to make sure that 2019 will be an amazing year for you. In this spirit, I chose to declutter my life until Christmas Eve, and you can do the same.

december is a great time to get rid of things

No, I am not saying that you should give all your old stuff away as Christmas gifts. However, if you start to declutter your life right now, you will have a headstart on the first of January. Most people tell themselves: “I will start in January, for sure.” Well, don’t we all know how it usually goes with these resolutions?

It’s far more powerful to declutter now because you will have your head free to focus on your other goals once January comes by. I think that most failed resolutions are due to us feeling overwhelmed. We just try to change too much at the same time. Don’t let this happen again.

the blog series to help you declutter your life this December

I consciously decided to publish my blog series about decluttering in December. The month that tempts us all to go out and buy lots of (sometimes useless) things. Is it counterintuitive?

No. It’s exactly what we need during this time of the year. To simplify our lives so that we have more space for ourselves and our loved ones.

That’s why I will systematically declutter all of my stuff till the 24th of December and I believe that Christmas Eve will be even sweeter this year. Knowing that I can breathe in my apartment. That I own only what I need and what really matters to me. Those things are the only ones worth keeping for the next year.

why should you get rid of things?

declutter your life - sort out old books
How much do we really need?

Most of us end up buying lots of things out of a mood or because they are on sale. Later, we discover that we already own something like that or that what we bought lacks quality. All of that stuff clutters our homes – every bit of space filled with souvenirs, junk and objects that we might use someday. Or not. Probably not.

But it was so expensive, how can I just throw it away?  Well, think about the space it keeps taking up in your life and surrounding. That’s a much higher cost. Don’t worry, you will not have to part with anything you really love.

how to approach operation declutter

1. Split things into categories

Starting to declutter in several rooms at once is overwhelming. I don’t even declutter a whole room but rather focus on categories of things that really need to be looked at. For me (and many other women) that’s cosmetics, clothes, shoes or books. Focusing on only one category of belongings at once makes the whole process much more manageable and fun.

2. Divide into three groups: sell, trash and keep

One question that needs to be addressed when you start decluttering and downsizing is: What do I do with all the stuff that I don’t want anymore? Wouldn’t it be sad to trash it? Yes, that is true. Therefore, it makes sense to establish three groups: keep, trash and sell. You can use three boxes or bags to sort your things or just create big piles.

Everything that is broken, of little to no use or very low quality, goes into the trash. However, many things you don’t need anymore are still in good shape and deserve to be passed on. Collect them in one place and then look at your options to sell them or give them to someone. Do you like flea markets? You can sell your things there or you could do a yard sale. If those options are out of question for you, consider offering things to your friends or selling them online.

3. Get rid of things on a regular basis

It might be hard to declutter your home in one go. But hey, nobody said that you have to. In the past few months, I picked out something I didn’t need anymore once a week and sold it online. It felt pretty good to get rid of one thing at a time and even make some money on the side.

That method works just as well. You could declutter over a period of time, observing which things you hardly ever pick up. That way it becomes easier to let go because you clearly understand which things are just collecting dust in your home.

4. Avoid buying things

Yes, that’s probably the hardest one. Getting rid of things is a good start but if you keep buying more nothing will really change. I get it, it can be scary to suddenly have fewer things around. Maybe you aren’t used to all of the open space in your place, but give yourself time to get used to it.

Make sure to not buy anything at least while you are decluttering. So, you can actually get an overview of everything you own and decide what you need and what you can let go. If you want to declutter your life long term you will have to say goodbye to the habit of buying things without consciously deciding first if you really need them and what they will add to your life.

conclusion & what to do now

Decluttering your life in a few weeks is a big project, and it has the potential to turn your life upside down (in a good way). I am sure that it won’t be easy to let go of some old presents or books, but I am determined to make my home a clutter-free space for 2019. Watch my apartment become more organized and see the white space grow over the next weeks. I will keep you updated and guide you through the process.

So, if you want to join this experiment, this is how you can get started:

  • Think about categories you can split your belongings into. Books, cosmetics, kitchen stuff, video games …
  • Decide what category you want to start with. I keep the hardest one for later when I’ve gotten used to decluttering. For me, that’s my clothes.
  • Find the right time to start. I will start decluttering this Sunday when I have enough time and patience. Pick a day where you have at least a few hours to start sorting your stuff.

This is all you need to start right away. Let’s do this! I am so excited & I would love to hear if you’ve ever done anything like this and how you feel about it. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Afik Eshel

    Personally living in a foreign country for me, already makes it so in a way that I’m quite minimalist and don’t own too many things. But I can notice with times how things I don’t really use pile up – better throw or sell them. I think people should own really only what they can carry with them in one go.

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