organic skincare essentials for autumn and winter

my organic skincare essentials for autumn/winter

Do you think that the products you put on your skin should actually make it prettier without being harmful? Me too! That’s why I spent hours and days in my research for the best organic skincare essentials. Here is what I found and what I use on a daily basis. Behold, high-quality and organic only!

Why I love organic beauty products

I am into natural and high-quality cosmetics. There are good reasons for that. For one, I want the products I use to make a difference. I am not paying for a fancy name or pretty packaging. Besides that, the skin is our largest organ and it absorbs whatever we apply onto it. I keep that in mind when I chose my skincare.

Most of us expect beauty products to improve the condition of our skin. Shockingly, with many conventional products, the opposite might be the case. Many popular brands sell cosmetics that contain skin-damaging ingredients, like big amounts of alcohol. In the best case, they don’t do much. In the worst, they can contain ingredients that influence your hormonal system or even have a carcinogenic effect.

You are what you eat also goes for the skin and all the creams, serums and toners. My rule of thumb: Don’t put anything on your face that disgusts you.

Things I look out for in cosmetics

I love my daily skincare routine because I cherish my body. Naturally, I only want the best products for my skin that actually help it look better. Trying out new beauty stuff is fun! However, I am not putting things into my body that won’t help it. That means reading the label of every product I purchase and checking the ingredients online. Because who really understands those numbers and Latin words?

BUT: The fact that a product is organic doesn’t mean that it’s a good product. There is a lot more to look out for in cosmetics. Hey, it’s your body. It’s important to be clear about what you are putting into it.

Sadly, many organic cosmetic lines use big amounts of alcohol in their products. I hate that because it defeats the purpose of it. Moisturizers, masks and cleansing solutions are supposed to help the skin regenerate and look it’s best. Not to dry it out and damage it long term. 

Things that raise a red flag for me:

+ big amounts of alcohol

+ hormonally active substances

+ microplastic particles

+ non-organic palm oil

+ carcinogenic ingredients

+ a lack of highly efficient ingredients

My organic skincare essentials for the fall/winter season

I spent so many hours on finding the best products. It was totally worth it. Once I sort out what works for me, I stick to it and I don’t waste money on products that won’t benefit my body.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I bought all of the featured products myself. I am just showing them because I truly love them.

1. Cleansing: my buttery face soap

In my search of a cleanser that will nurture my skin with the best ingredients and that doesn’t contain alcohol I stumbled across the Akamuti African Black Soap Bar. It’s 50 % shea butter which makes it ideal for winter. My skin gets so dry from all the heating and cold weather. No glow left. In order to prevent my skin from drying up, I avoid too much alcohol in beauty essentials and chose nurturing, rich products like this one.

The list of ingredients is refreshingly short: shea butter, coconut oil, wildcrafted palm oil, cocoa butter.

What you won’t find in this soap bar are chemicals, preservative agents and artificial scents. Besides, it doesn’t come in a plastic packaging. That’s a bonus for being environmentally friendly. 

2. Tone: a toner with benefits

To tone my skin I use the organic plant water from the Immortelle flower by farfalla. Since I like to rely on a few cosmetic products I need them to work and to serve as many functions possible. This toner boosts collagen production and has a regenerating effect on the skin. I will admit that the scent is unusual. If I had to compare it to something it would probably be curry. But it’s not bad. Just not the usual perfume scent of toners. Honestly, I much prefer the effect of this face water to all the fancy perfumes in conventional ones that often come with skin drying alcohol.

3. moisturize: face cream & eye cream duo

This duo is powerful! The shea butter face cream includes yummy skin food like olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E. After I apply it to my skin in the morning it feels plump and incredibly soft. Make-up looks so smooth on top of it. I am 100 % in love with it. This is the first cream that keeps my makeup from looking patchy and dried up after a few hours. My skin doesn’t only tend to be dry. I also break out sometimes. However, the overall condition only improved after using this cream. Even though it’s quite rich.

The same brand (Martina Gebhard) also sells an eye cream, which has similar effects. It’s mostly made from olive oil, avocado oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter. It immediately reduced the dryness wrinkles in the corner of my eyes. The best thing about it is probably how it plumps up the skin and gives it a glow. If you apply it in the morning (which I usually do) it can look a bit shiny under the eyes. But a setting powder will take care of that.

Ayurvedic face oil. Ingredients: almond oil, orange oil, lemongrass oil, camphor bark oil, amla fruit extract, ashwagandha root extract, asparagus root extract, neem leave extract, turmeric root extract …

4. nurture: my favorite night care – Ayurvedic oil

This one has been my secret for the longest time. I think it is pretty unknown, but it has helped me so much. This face oil replaces my night cream. I use just a few drops and massage them into my skin. Whenever I break out or my skin looks dull this takes care of it overnight. I feel like it has a strong balancing effect on the skin. It’s made of different oils and extracts which are used in traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine. Believe me, I have tried lots of fancy night creams and serums, and I was so disappointed. Not only did they contain low-quality ingredients, but they also made me break out and just didn’t measure up to this little treasure.

These are my 4 high-quality skincaree essentials. If you want to take a closer look at them or purchase them you can find them in this online store. Also, share your favorite organic beauty products with me. I’d love to check them out.

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