seelen fragmente von Louisa August

seelen fragmente – Louisa August

Some texts are like music. Melodic, moving and gently touching our emotions, reminding us of long gone moments, too sweet to forget. Seelen fragmente, Louisa August’s first publication, evokes bitter-sweet feelings of longing and nostalgia. It’s a collection of short stories and flash fiction centered around a nameless, female narrator.

The titles of the chapters combined form a sentence that somewhat describes the book in a poetic manner: Du Elisa London Orion Ich. The narrator takes the reader on a journey through her memories of almost love stories. Memories of the women whom she can’t forget – Lisbeth, Elisa, Helena. Those unique women are just out of reach but close enough to fuel the narrator’s longing for closeness, love and for being seen.

Falling in love is seeing all the small things

Louisa August describes the magic of the small details. The things easily overlooked in a fast paced world. When it comes to love, it’s those details that the narrator remembers from her adventures.

All of the stories are brief descriptions of fleeting moments. A sparkle, a glimpse of magic between two people, too faint to grasp. One second later, it’s gone and all that’s left is a bitter-sweet memory.

author: Louisa August
published: August 2019
paperback and e-book
language: German
price: 4,49 Euro

copyright @ Mandy Passehl

The beauty of the incomplete and broken

The narrator feels drawn to beautiful and “broken” women. However, the stories are not about relationships. Instead, they paint dreamy pictures of desires and unfulfilled wished. They make the reader wonder: What could have been?

The gentle language suites the topics of unrequited love and loneliness. Never too loud, never too direct. The words create a dream-like atmosphere, just like music.

The soundtrack

Louisa August says, she listens to the same songs over and over again while she writes. For her collection of short stories, she’s made a list:

  • The 1975 – Somebody Else Hayley Kiyoko
  • Cigarettes After Sex – Affection
  • Palace Silversun Pickups – Dots & Dashes
  • MUNA – Winterbreak


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Playlist für Seelenfragmente. Musik ist für mich ein wichtiger Teil beim Schreiben. Oftmals sind es ganz bestimmte Lieder, die ich immer und immer wieder höre, wenn ich an einem Projekt arbeite. Diese Lieder erinnern mich auch noch an einzelne Textpassagen, lange nachdem ich das Projekt beendet habe. Wichtig bei der Auswahl der Musik ist, dass sie atmosphärisch zum Text passen. Für Seelenfragmente waren das: The 1975 – Somebody Else Hayley Kiyoko – Palace Silversun Pickups – Dots & Dashes Cigarettes After Sex – Affection MUNA – Winterbreak Erstellt ihr euch auch Playlists für eure Texte? Falls ja, teilt sie gerne in den Kommentaren! Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen Musikempfehlungen. 🙂 #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #amwriting #shortstories #music #musicplaylist #playlist #autorenleben #schreiben #schallplatten #selfpublishedauthor #selfpublisher #queer #lgbtstories #lgbtliterature #lgbtliteratur #lgbt #instawriters #writing #autorin

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When I was reading seelen fragmente, I strongly felt the vibes of Cigarettes After Sex, the softness and the melancholia. Actually, I recommend you listen to “Affection” while reading Louisa’s stories, it made me feel even more immersed in her words.

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