Summer Reading Liist 2019

Summer Reading List 2019

Reading in summer – what’s better when you’re sweating and avoiding every little movement? It’s not surprising that I read much more during the hot months. Maybe because I am not a big fan of the sun. So, I thought I could use that reading flow to finally get through some books I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. Let me share the titles I’m gonna devour this summer.

The purpose of my Summer Reading List 2019

This list serves a purpose. When I came up with it, I searched for books that are a great source of writing inspiration. I chose them either for their great style, a wonderful narrative or because of their genre – fantasy. Since I’ve read Harry Potter in the 90s, fantasy has been my biggest love. So, there can’t be any reading list without some high-quality fantasy titles.

However, I am trying to feed my mind with as many different styles of language as possible. Reading books I wouldn’t usually choose has often added to my creative process and opened my mind to new ideas.

The List

Follow along and read with me if you like. I will share a short review about every single one of these books of the Summer Reading List 2019 on my Instagram.


    1. bohema

      Yeah, doesn’t it. 😀 First it was the title that made me want to read the book. Later, I discovered that it’s a really interesting story.

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