Produkte, die es auf dem Bohemian Soul Markt in Graz zu kaufen gibt.

The Bohemian Soul Market – fall in love with bohemian Graz

Graz is a mysterious city. You can live there for years without ever discovering all of its secrets. There are hidden gems where you would never expect them and especially if you are just visiting you need a local’s advice to find the special stuff. Lately, I have started to discover the bohemian side of Graz, when I heard of the Bohemian Soul Market. 

The Bohemian Soul Market is actually a series of bohemian themed markets, featuring local artists, creators and pop-up stores. When I entered the beautiful place in Dreihackengasse 32 which is known as the Sedwell Center I felt immediately at home. Not only does the colorful and cozy Bohemian Soul Shop remind me of the living room of an artist, I also fell in love with the positive vibes. It was easy to find this slightly hidden place, I just had to follow the laughter and excited voices.

Bohemian Soul Markt Graz
Beautiful things in every corner of the Bohemian Soul Market.

Local craft and inspiring conversations – it’s love!

It took me a while to settle in. Simply because there was so much to see and so many interesting people to talk to. In three large rooms, you will find art prints, bags, a big collection of mouth-watering organic chocolate, tea and Gin and a lot more. The sellers can vary from time to time and new people are always welcome. Do you know the feeling when you arrive somewhere for the first time and you just fit in? That’s how I felt there. And of course, I found some great organic, locally made cosmetic which I really appreciate, because it’s not always easy to find really high-quality beauty products without splashing out. 

The markets are an ideal platform for artists, designers and all kinds of creators to display their products, mostly for free. If you come by you will also get the chance to meet many of them in person and ask them anything that interests you about their creations. That’s something I value because I want to know what’s inside the products I use and how they were made.

Produkte, die es auf dem Bohemian Soul Markt in Graz zu kaufen gibt.
The first thing that caught my eye – a table full of colorful treasures.
Bohemian Soul Markt Graz Produkte in Raum 2
I am in love with the pillows!

what’s behind the Bohemian Soul Market – there is a lot more to it than pretty things

This market is not only about beautiful, high quality and regional products. Let me try to sum it up for you: The Bohemian Soul Market creates and strengthens communities, supports local businesses and changes the cityscape for the better. It brings like-minded people together. That renders the market a great place for artists and open-minded people to connect in a cozy and creative setting.

sustainability and high quality go together

Since I prefer to buy regional and high-quality products I buy mostly local. Besides, I love to see who produced the things I use. Online shopping is super practical and sometimes necessary but if I can avoid it, I do. It’s better for the environment and the local community of creators. In terms of sustainability, it’s great to shop local products made from high-quality materials.

What else is there to love about the Bohemian Soul Markets? They are a unique experience in Graz. Finding the bohemian spirit inside a new city can be hard at first. It’s often not visible enough. If you are looking for this connection, visiting one of the beautiful Bohemian Soul Markets is a great start.

Der Bohemian Soul Markt Graz steht im Zeichen von Koha.
The organizers of the Bohemian Soul Market honor the custom of koha.

Wanna see more of the unique things that you can find at the Bohemian Soul Market in Graz? Take a look at this gallery, or find out when the next one will take place here.

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