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the simple way to declutter beauty products

Beauty stuff – those pretty things that look like the grown-up woman’s toys. I admit I love doing my make-up. It’s a ritual, and for me, it’s actually a creative outlet.  My eyeshadow pallets are like crayons I use to paint my face. Jokes aside, decluttering is serious business and this blog post is about me getting rid of more than half of all my beauty products. But no need to get scared, it was easier than it sounds.

more make-up than I could ever wear

How many of your make-up and beauty products are you still using? My answer: less than half.  So, the obvious consequence was to clean up my beauty drawer. Do you like the idea of having more space and finding the things you actually use more easily? Then continue reading. I love make-up, creams, hair products and all of that fun stuff. Maybe that’s why over the years I have filled this whole drawer. Eventually, I had a hard time finding the things that I am actually enjoying.

This is what my messy drawer looked like before the make-over:

declutter beauty products bohema

the goal: getting rid of at least half of all of these things

I chose to keep only the products I am using at least once a week. There are many ways, strategies and methods to declutter. Personally, I like it simple. So, I sorted things according to their purpose. Teint products, lip products, eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes … Then I devided everything into two groups: keep and trash. That’s as easy as it gets. I packed all of the “trash” things into a box and sorted the rest back into my drawer.

the final result

It was easier than I had expected to let go of so many things and I definitely managed to sort out half of my beauty things. Everything in the box has to go.

Take a look at the final result:

declutter beauty products bohema

When I get up in the morning and open my drawer I don’t have to think. Yes, that’s what I was aiming at. Decluttering is also about making everyday life simpler. No need to waste half an hour searching for a specific eyeshadow. I know my style and I know all of the products I own. That makes getting ready in the morning easier and more fun. I don’t have to paint that smile on, it’s real.

Clear clutter – make space for you

Magdelena Vandenberg

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