blogger holding coffee

what kind of blogger are you?

Are we all just copying each other? I am wondering if most bloggers actually have a message. So, I have to ask myself the same question – what do I have to say as a blogger? Let’s take a look at the fascinating stereotypes of the blogosphere and explore how you discover your own niche.

what does it mean to be a blogger?

I started blogging in German a while ago and I was feeling conflicted about it for a long time. There was this one question that kept coming back: what is blogging really about? Is it sharing your authentic thoughts and life with an audience? Or is it about representing what a blogger is expected to look like and use that image to promote yourself? I am sure that most of you already have a picture in your head when you hear the word “blogger”.

It probably looks something like this:

blogger in white shoes
A pretty girl wearing trendy white shoes, staring thoughtfully at the floor.

the stereotypical blogger’s Instagram feed/blog displays pictures of:

  1. coffee (preferably cappuccino)
  2. picturesque breakfast flat lays (often including avocado or pretty fruit)
  3. outfits (mostly recent trends that you have seen already in 1 million different varieties)
  4. selfies
  5. flowers in all kind of settings
blogger taking pictures of flowers
Flowers are everywhere in the blogosphere!
blogger takes picture of coffee
How many pictures of cappuccino do you see every day?

the “pretty” blogosphere

Of course, there is nothing wrong with including any of the things mentioned above in photos. I have done that myself.

But honestly, they have become stereotypes in the blogosphere and on Instagram. I feel that so many people are imitating clichés. Including me. When I started out on those platforms, I had several role models, and I imitated and tried to learn from them. That’s natural. It’s hard to find your own voice & your own style and to capture them in a visually pleasing way. It takes time and good role models can be inspiring and encouraging.

When I started blogging, I took pictures of flowers, food and coffee. But it never felt authentic. Because those things don’t represent neither my life nor what I care about. At one point, I started feeling disillusioned. I thought: maybe blogging isn’t for me. I am not girly enough, and I really don’t care too much about fast fashion, cappuccino or sharing what I eat. Actually, I don’t even like being photographed too much. (Yes, I had to work on that.)

I have a passion for the quirky, for sustainability, health and a bohemian lifestyle. For raw pictures that show something interesting, instead of something that is just beautiful. My favorite animals are toads and hedgehogs, not cute bunnies or kittens.

So, I wondered: is there a place in the blogosphere for people like me?

it’s easy to feel misplaced in the pastel-colored and superficially pretty world of blogging. Until you realize that there is so much more out there. It took me a while to get there. If you start searching for a different kind of blogger you will see that there are great, unique and truly inspiring content creators to look out for. You don’t have to fit the stereotype in order to be a blogger, and, no, you don’t have to write about fashion, make-up and cake recipes. 

I am not gonna say “just be you”, because that won’t cut it. You have to work hard in order to create appealing content. However, you don’t need to follow the typical style of bloggers and you don’t have to write about the same topics. Find what inspires YOU, share your worldview and develop your own style. You can be a real inspiration, no need to imitate.


  1. Kipod

    Very thoughtful and interesting post!
    I think many times something which was at some point underground or on the fringe, like Blogging, can become so popular, that it becomes a cliche of itself.. After things become cliche they are parodied and after the parody might come a phase of a more deeper, introspective and self-aware type of Blogging culture.
    I think you are the next step of the blogging evolution. 🙂

    1. bohema

      So true. Blogging is very mainstream nowadays, and that’s why so many bloggers follow the stereotypical “formula”. It promises fast success online. After all it worked for so big bloggers, right? But I think that way of blogging isn’t working so well anymore, because we have seen so much of it. It’s time for a fresher approach and more authenticity.

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