writing and traveling – nightmare or good idea?

The travel writer – a known cliché but does it really work to write books while traveling? I am not sure about that but I am willing to give it a try.

They say, you need to gather experience in order to write … But then, when do you have time to write? Once I’ve thrown myself into the waves, I tend to get completely absorbed in life. No routine, no plan, just spontenaety. Does it help my writing? Except for some bursts of inspiration, it doesn’t. In fact, I need to practice sitting down to write regularly because I am not very patient and I find it hard to work on one thing for longer than thirty minutes.

When it comes to working and creating, I am a whirlwind. I do it with all my force and as fast as I can but my endurance is laughable. That’s my achilles’ heel. So, how do I manage to write while I am away from home?

writing and traveling
This me in my favorite café in Tel Aviv – Ha Nasich Ha Katan

The short but sweet answer is – coffee places. Since I never stay in hotels, I find it hard to work where I sleep, there’s usually not a lot of space or privacy. But cafés are just my kind of atmosphere – comfy background noise, an inspiring surrounding. People whom I can observe but they won’t come up to me and distract me with a conversation. Perfect. Of course, I can’t sit in a café all day long and I do write less, when I don’t follow my routine. I become a sponge, soaking up all the things going on around me.

Just keep that habit – no need for big projects

What counts is that I don’t lose my writing habit. I make sure that I keep writing, even if it’s just a few pages a day. Once a week, I plan a few hours where I can get into it, plot, write, whatever’s on the menu.

One of my insights is that it’s easier for me to write shorter formats, like stories, flash fiction and blog posts. Actually, blogging and traveling really go together so well. I feel full of impressions every day and blogging helps me to release some of them. Unleash them upon you. 😀

Writing and traveling is, in my opinion, not the best combination. Especially, if you love to discover and mingle, you won’t find much time to write. I try to be realistic and focus on maintaining my writing habit, instead of expecting too much. I always carry a notebook, in case I want to write down a few lines for later.

A few tips that I have gathered so far:

  • Bring a notebook: You might not have the opportunity to use your laptop for a while.
  • Find a café you like and go there regularly. That’s a small piece of routine.
  • Plan time you will spend writing, even if it’s just for an hour.
  • Use your surrounding as inspiration, it can make a great writing prompt.
  • Try out something different, this change is a great opportunity to try out a form of writing you don’t usually do – poetry, flash fiction, short stories or even blogs.

Sending you lots of inspiration from Tel Aviv,

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